Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 5 - San Fransisco

Wednesday was a catch up day when we did all those things we had missed.

Like getting my sand from the beach! We arrived as the tide was crashing in and it was awesome to see the waves!

I think I will be surprised in the future if Jr. doesn't live close to the water.

We saw the Yoda statue.

We drove over and saw The Painted Ladies

and this house, just down the street is for sale - I love it!

The girls loved playing in the park and it was a fun morning.

Later that afternoon Hil and I went out again to search for something for me to wear and we still had no luck. I have a few days this week to find something - keep your fingers crossed I do!

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Tine said...

I love how all the girls are just staring at the ocean. not in it or anything... just looking.

Karen Valinda said...

Yeah, unlike their uncles,aunties and mom they feel no need to collect Every slimey seaweed "whip" or shell or drifting Log to take home with them!!! Collecting involved lots more IN the water exploration...
I love their sweet little faces smiling in new places, doing new things *sigh*

Safire said...

Looks like an amazing trip! I love San Fran...