Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I won?!?!?!

My sister Nan wins things. Those sprite under the cap games from when we were kids - yeah she would win them every time. Like the real prizes not even just another Sprite which she also won all the time! She would win drawings and other random stuff, she's the lucky one in my family. One time she won a cruise for my mom, for various reasons my mom did not go on the cruise but still Nan won it.

I don't win things. I buy things and I earn things and I work for things but I don't win them.

I have several internet friends (real actual friends not just acquaintances or blogs I stalk and think they are my friends) I've never actually met. I've "known" them for years. I've cried for them, cheered for them, prayed for them, and sent them presents in the mail. I talk and text one of my internet friends on the phone (Hi, Jessica!).

Some of these friends of mine are attending a blogger conference the end of May in Utah. It sounded like fun but even better than just attending would be meeting these friends. (Although I'm still paranoid Jessica is going to mock me on her blog, not that I'm that cool, I'm just that big of a dork.) I didn't have the money to just go because I went to San Fransisco for spring break and I'm headed to Tacoma for a wedding this weekend.

I read a spoof Mormon Mommy Blog. She does giveaways all the time, I've entered a few. I read the list of things offered for the most recent giveaway - including a full pass to the coveted conference - and didn't enter. I really wanted to go to that conference, I even entered a different blog giveaway and didn't win a pass so I went back later and just to tell myself I exhausted all the possible ways to get there, I entered.

Today I was at DI looking for pieces for Fred's narrator costume and other costume pieces in general (I've had a few phone calls about how hard it is to find pieces). While I was perusing Sandra called and told me ...
I WON!!!!!!!!!!!

Unless there is another Valinda out there in the world, who left my same comment. :) I am very excited to be going and even more excited to meet my friends, for real!

I also discovered later this evening that my blog does have a certain amount of power in the internet world and I really kind of like that >:)


An Wanna said...

Congrats on winning the ticket! See you didn't even need me to enter it for you. I wonder if TAMN will go to the conference, but I guess you wouldn't know who she is even if she does go. And I thought you had met Jessica, anyway you will have to tell me if she is white trash in person cuz I still think she's faking it....

And a few other points for you to consider
A. I work hard too!
B.You forgot the tickets to go see the premier of Dick Tracy with the cool comic book & watch. Aside from the cruise I think that is the coolest thing I won...
C.I don't know if I would call my jersey, basketball & sweatshirt "real" prizes.
D.I did have some please play again caps, my longest streak was like 6 sprites so obviously I lost at some point....
E.You are married & have 3 cute kids so I think you won on that one!

Safire said...

Yay you won!

Karen Valinda said...

Hooray Ddonn! I am So happy for you!
Le also won lots of little things that a sister would notice, grand prize at Primary activity day on her 5th birthday, etc.
How many people are expected at the conf? How long is it? Will there be time to meet the people you want to meet? I have been OUT of the loop, obviously ;-Þ
Congrats on the far more 'biting' internet influence front... go Ddonn! And you used to hate all those notes yer ol' mom wrote... I bet they were (just maybe) part of the foundation of your protective mommy personna...just sayin'
wv:faultin - Don't go faultin yer ol' mom's desire for "glory" ;-}
(She just finds you THAT fascinating!) xoxoxox

Linda said...

WOW! I'm so excited for you!!! Yippee!!