Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 2 - San Fransisco

On Sunday we walked to church and I discovered yet again it really is a small world when I realized my friend Jessica's sister lives in Hil's ward. That actually isn't hard as there are only 2 wards that cover most of the city.

After church, lunch of super yummy noodles and meatballs we braved the California freeways and drove down to San Jose to see my Aunt & Uncle. Fred mentioned that I always complain how crazy the Californians drive in Vegas and now I was surrounded by them!! It was a great bolster in my confidence.

We hung out and talked and had fabulous pizza, sodas (as many as they wanted !!!), and ice cream. The kids played Wii, and built marble mazes. My Aunt and I talked about school and kids and it was really fun. My cousin L also likes ANTM and we had a great discussion about what is real and what is just for ratings. :)

Jr, Fred, Uncle Troy, Me & George

George wanted a pic with their dog Franklin but wasn't stern enough or big enough to keep him in one spot so she had help.

Jr. of course LOVED their dog and was so excited that Mellow has a puppy cousin and was sad we didn't have Mellow with us to play too.

Cousin K, my girls and cousin L.

Somehow I didn't get a pic of my
Aunt Tish but she is doing great too!

I did get a bit lost once we got back to the city but Hil was on the phone with me and quite determined to get her beautiful van back in the same condition it left in so I made it back safe & sound!

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