Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 1 - San Fransisco

After the very exciting plane ride we headed right out to see the city.

The Golden Gate Bridge was windy and freaked George out when she realized we were over the water. It was fun to watch the boats on the water and see out into bay.

The "big twisty street" aka Lombard Street was quite the hike but the girls insisted we go all the way to the top!

Coit Tower had amazing views of the city.

Last and best was the beach!
We spent enough time at Baker Beach for me to get sunburned. :)

My budding marine biologist LOVED the water, she dug her own tide pool and was very sad too see it be washed away.

There aren't as many pictures of Fred because once she waded out to her waist she was very cold and mostly sat next to me shivering in a towel.

My feet in the Pacific Ocean - now that makes for a good day.

4 more days of fun are coming stay tuned!


Kathy said...


An Wanna said...

Umm in one of them you are at ghiradelli! And by a bridge but knowing the name of it would require a better grasp of geography than I have...

Karen Valinda said...

oh no!!! The Ghiradelli picture vanished when the captions- and additional pictures- appeared... poor An Wanna, her comment appears delusional ;-Þ
I love the pictures. I have seen those feet in the Sound many, many times...I imagine they were very happy to be in Pacific waters again.
A shiver picture would have been nice
Grammys like even shivering pictures