Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 3 - San Fransisco

Monday we spent the day on the go!

pictures courtesy of Jr.

It started out at Fisherman's wharf where the girls discovered pressed pennies, antique games and little scenes that came to life (when you put a quarter in the slot) at the penny arcade.

This is actually the window covering at the business next door, we had too much fun to take pictures inside -oops!

We moved on to watch a man making sourdough animal shapes - it was very cool!

We walked down the wharf and bought seashells in a little shop that had all kinds of things made out of shells.

The hike up the hill to Ghiradelli square was just an echo of things to come later in the day but at the end of the hike we had chocolate by a mermaid fountain, one of the mermaids was even holding a baby mermaid!

After the chocolate tasting we made our way to the Cable Car line where we ate our lunch and watched the men turning the cars around without electric help!

Once on board we made out way to Chinatown!!!

In Chinatown the girls bought souvenirs and we walked to a park so George could use the bathroom.

Jr. spotted a monument for the first public school built in the city. Hil said it was built by Mormon settlers.

The park had great views of the Trans America building ...

among other things. :0

We hiked the mile back to the apartment but up and down all those hills it felt more like 5 miles! Hil ant I took turns pushing George in the stroller. We all had to laugh, instead of collapse into exhausted piles of tears, when George would exclaim at random how big these hills were and how tiring this walk was!

After a good rest and dinner we ventured across the Bay Bridge to Fentons, the place where Russel & Mr. Fredrickson get ice cream after his scout ceremony.

Yummy ice cream -------- Red one!!

After ice cream we went to see the Oakland Temple. The visitor center was open, we saw the Christus there, many wonderful paintings depicting Book of Mormon stories and watched lots of mini videos.

Don't miss out on days one & two!


An Wanna said...

I didn't know that was a real ice cream place in Up!. That is really cool.

Karen Valinda said...

antm at the temple, who knew!

Karen Valinda said...

The wharf picture could SO be a jigsaw puzzle!!!
I love all the smiles
I miss Matey more when I see my darling squirrels, yeesh, being a Grammy is HARD ;-Þ