Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 4 - San Fransisco

Tuesday was our trip to the Academy of Sciences. We saw the planetarium show (no one puked) and tons of other amazing things.

Like George screaming her head off because the butterflies are not nice, apparently she's still scarred from that trip to the Seattle Science Center. The big snakes however were great!

Fred had no problem with the butterflies and even made friends with one.

Jr. made friends with all the creatures in the "tide pool"

We had lunch at Mama's in Little Italy. I had the Monte Cristo, George had a Tuna Sandwich and ate all of it! Jr & Fred shared the best french toast ever.

For dinner Hil taught us how to make Sushi - and everyone got to make some.

There was also turtle bread for everyone to enjoy - they loved it with jam!!

And then we all tried our creations :)

I actually liked it pretty well, I can't say the same thing for the girls.

That night Roger took on the role of Super Dad and watched all the kids so Hil and I could go out and look for something for me to wear to the wedding I'm attending next weekend. We had no luck but we did have fun being kid free!

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An Wanna said...

ok so the butterflies are not nice but a snake that could literally swallow her whole is cool... Also if those are California rolls I can eat them if I brush off the "sprinkles" but I am not a fan of sushi either...

Karen Valinda said...

Did you get the tuna sandwich recipe from the restaurant Ddonn? seriously.
Little Uncle Jon wants the blue berries the girls have on their plate and Uncle Brent is all into making sushi... he loves to eat it!
Takes after Abuelo.
My squirrels are braver than I. I can hardly kiss someone who has eaten nasty little fishes (oysters, sardines, clams) OR sushi, much less eat it myself. I LOVE salmon, clam chowder, trout,etc the less "fishy" fish.
Anyway, you are amazing at new food girls!!!