Monday, June 14, 2010

My Favorite Room

My living room is lovely, when it's clean.

Ever since I reclaimed the space I have been trying to keep it neat and clean but unfortunately the bigger the space the more room to catch, well all sorts of things!
I also never put up pictures of how lovely it can be. It has been referred to as a large waste of space and I'm very okay with that.

I'm trying to get my house clean this week that I have off and I started with my favorite room. It's the only room I've ever really finished decorating. It holds all my books. :)

It was one of the less messy clutter filled spaces so that also made it a good candidate for being first.There aren't any before pictures because that would be too humiliating but here is the duster I used.

There are many things on my shelves from places I'll never see.

There are things in my living room that my kids have never been allowed to touch/play with. Like the heirloom piano lace that my Great Grandmother crocheted.

The other truly fabulous thing in my living room is my table clock that ElCid bought me when we moved into this house. Yes, it does really work.

My next room to tackle is the kitchen/family room. I'm pretty sure the island is still under that pile of papers and least I think it is.


Zanne said...

I had to point out to Werty that there were things in your living room that I gave you, just like there are things in mine that you gave me!
I am slowly cleaning off my home computer desk this week, followed by updating my files, so I will be ready for Fall.
Good luck with the rest of your spring cleaning.

An Wanna said...

I'm sure the island is still there. We found out that Spam's floor was still under all the clothes etc & it had been that way for a loooonnnnggg time.

Karen Valinda said...

We have found PARTS of his floor, An Wanna is more optimistic/easily pleased than I :-o
Your island, on the other hand, is securely anchored by its custom hardware ;-} so I have every certainty IT is still there!
(But I DON'T tell people "nice start" about their rooms any more. Your siblings are united in seeing that as a put-down instead of as the encouraging "you are on the right track/you are not a total loss" reassurance I meant it to be
Imagine! They claim you will agree with THEM. It was lots better than the "NO!No!NO! Did you even LISTEN to me?!?" that I used to hear so I thought it was a positive, who knew?)
wv: boyotist, Lindy only has girls so she is NOT a boyotist

Super Happy Girl said...

I love your table clock! That's pretty cool.