Saturday, June 12, 2010

Playing Around

One of the classes I took at the CBC was for digital scrapbook software. They wanted me to buy the software, I did, it looked easy and fun and it was on sale :)

The disk I bought wasn't what it was supposed to be so after a series of emails I was mailed the right mail...from Utah. Did you know it takes 10 days to media mail something from Utah. Did you know it would have been about 10 cents more to first class mail the disk and that would have taken 2 or 3 days? It also would have built quite a bit of goodwill with someone who was already doubting a company's reliability.

Anyhow it finally arrived yesterday and was waiting for me to play when I got home from moving Kathy. I wasn't able to play last night, I fell into bed and didn't wake up for 9 hours.

Today I played around with some pictures of Jr. from our trip to SF and George's Field Day pictures. I have a lot to learn but it was easy and fun. One of the perks of the software is that I can post the albums here as mini movies! Just click play the movies really are there.

One way to make albums is to create them yourself. There weren't very many yellow embellishment choices, I need to work on this album some more it's a little bit plain.

Another way to make albums is called a Quick Mix and you can just drop pictures into a premade layout

The program is compatible with all types of digital scrapbook "supplies" so I'm looking for those free packet downloads on the internet to build up my choices :).


Zanne said...

The pages look really cute. I am glad that they finally sent you the right disk, but Grrr that it wasn't the right one in the first place. I wonder how many other ppl from your conference are frustrated? I mean, if you are going to sell something at a conference - the product better work!

An Wanna said...

Way cute. The 2nd ones look "fancier" but the first one looks more real...

Super Happy Girl said...

ITA with Zanne.
I love the 2nd one too.

I am not crafty at all. Can't glue two pieces of paper together to save my life. Color coordinating? Forget it.
But a digital scrapbook I could do. I think.

Karen Valinda said...

I love them! (the movies too)
I really like the one for George although I am sure it was WORK. The one for Jr is very "Jr" You made great choices and it looks very professional. Maybe it is the yellow on the first one that seems more "Ddonn" to me?!
I am ready for one of Fred ;-} Tell that girl to start posing instead of hiding from the camera! We were at a flea market Saturday with way cute jewelry and no one knew for sure what Fred would like :-o

Hillary said...

I like for free scrapbooking papers, embellishments, etc. I get a little overwhelmed with all the different choices. Someday I may "cutify" my blog books. Right now I'm still doing the boring black on white ...