Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tearing down the wall!

3 years ago My Moga came to live with us. She came to watch my kiddos while I sewed. She decided in March of 08 that she wasn't going to make it through another Vegas summer and we took her home.

She and I built a room in my rather large formal living room to give her a space to stay in. After she went home the wall remained.

When she came to live with us she was going to stay until George went to Kindergarten. As you all know that happened last August. I've wanted my enormous living room back for the last 2 years, ElCid has put it off knowing full well I can't do it by myself. Since last August I've made an even bigger push to take down the room using the excuse - if Moga had stayed the entire time then it would still be time to take it down!

Before the wall went up

After the wall

Yesterday I finally won! I'm not sure how or why but after spending several weeks cleaning and rearranging our bedroom so I could find a space for his computer to have we tore down the wall. In true Valinda style I didn't think about before or after photos until I was too involved in the project to quit.

It was an all day adventure and I still have to finish putting things back today but it's back to how it was in 07!!! Who knew going backwards 3 years could be such a great way to start the new year!


An Wanna said...

Umm you can still show us some after pics V! And i am pretty sure you have pics from sometime between when you made it now that could be before pics...

Willis Party of 6 said...

Yah!!!! Doesn't it feel so good to DEclutter!!!! I bet you'll go to bed and wake up happier now.

Zanne said...

Congratulations! Yay! Sorry that ElCid had to give up his computer/office space, but I'm sure it will be nice having your original living room back.

Karen Valinda said...

I will miss the little space to keep my luggage in ;-}
Congratulations on living room space!
Where DID you end up finding space for his computer?
Happy Birthday kisses to ElCid!!!

The Lowe Family said...

okay so this wasn't a REAL wall was it? it was like a fake wall made with bookshelves and fuill length mirrors and stuff right?? why the crap did it take u so long to get rid of it woman!??!