Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Holey Lightning Fast Internet Batman!

We all know my DSL that could never be as fast as I pay for because we live too far from the signal was just sad. I was forced to replace my sad computer, which I still miss most days, and Saturday ElCid finally wore me down with promises of speeds of 3 Mps (whatever that means) and we ordered new Internet. The modem came today and while I was at YWs he hooked it up ... W.O.W.

Did you know that the little red bar under videos can go shooting across and the video plays without hiccuping?? I can download files in under an hour??? Heck in under 20 minutes??? When I download files the time left goes down and not up. OOohhh I should buy a movie from itunes just to see if it will take less than 27 hours to download!!!!

I was downloading some free scrapbook files from that link Hil gave me and I was watching Netflix through my Wii and the episode never had to retrieve in the middle...not a single time. It's miraculous what I can do in the blink of an eye.

Wil we need to set up a Skype date so I can get number 6 again, I'll bet it will take less than 12 hours to receive this time!

I have to say I'm not excited to up my bill by $10 but this is totally awesome!!


Zanne said...

My list says you posted a little over 30 mins ago, so, you were up late. Congrats on the new speed!

Safire said...

For totally awesome, $10 is a good price. :) Congrats on your new speedy internet!

Karen Valinda said...

OK, so the wv: reste
yep, it was restes when I commented last night on the post after this one! yeesh people, get some imagination! What? Le has the blog for wv, NOT you? OOPS, sorry
What is number six?
Avenues of Virtue?
Yes, I see Wil's name by that and NOT mine...
After a month you will know if the +$10 is worth it! But DON'T let the internet people know if it is SO much better you would pay even more, THEY might take you up on it :-o

Super Happy Girl said...

YES! Congrats to ElCid :D