Monday, January 4, 2010

Defending my craftsmanship

Since there seems to be some doubt about my awesome craftsmanship by some people who really ought to know better here are some more pictures.

It was a real wall made with real 2 x 4's every 16 inches. See the hinges, it had a door and everything.

Moga and I planned it all out. We took measurements, bought sheet rock and 2 x 4's and made it in a day. It took another day to texture and paint. We were very sad that we didn't take the sheet rock into account on the outside edge because it made it 1/4 inch longer than the wall it met. We fudged it over with some mud and tape and no one ever seemed to notice the mistake.

I didn't want the wall to be permanent so it was screwed into the existing wall studs with 3 inch screws so when she left it could be taken down. See the white dots on the dark green that's where it attached to the wall.

The bookshelves were up against the wall (the dark green) because they had nowhere else to be. The room was really big to begin with but when 1/3 of it was made into Moga's room they had to come the length of the room instead of be against the outside wall.

I had painted the vaulted wall dark green so the walls we built were the same colors so it would blend in. It mostly worked and people were usually surprised to hear Moga and I had built the room.

Her room even had a window. I hadn't taken down her super cool princess curtains in this picture. The fuzzy dots in the picture isn't a dirty lens it's all the dust in the air.

The white line on the wood is where the room overlapped little bit. You can also see where it sat on the carpet.

More carpet lines I will never get out.
The lovely drag lines and chalk the sheet rock left behind.
We are going to get rid of this one piece at a time over the next few weeks. Our trash guys will take anything. Today they took away a credenza that was in the room and we no longer had use for, it was about 6 feet long and weighed a ton!
Moga had plans to draw on her wall and make it look cool but she forgot she isn't very good at graffiti.

So there you have it. It was a REAL wall. That's why it took so long for me to get it down. If it had just been bookcases and such it would have been gone 2 years ago!


An Wanna said...

You want I should go leave snotty messages on her blog? She knows you make super cool dresses, of course you can make a real wall. Or maybe she is annoyed that I said her peacock looks like a pot leaf and is taking it out on you....

Kathy said...

Poor Jessica, for her sake I will admit that I feel dumb now too. When you were talking about carpet lines and I said they would come out, I thought you meant the ones from the bookshelves and tables, not the ones from the walls! Yeah, those are never going to come out!

Karen Valinda said...

Well YAH it was a real wall! you were there when Buh's bookcase wall fell over (Basehor, living room, potted plant and all) so you knew better than to sabotage your own life!
Who is a pot leaf? I think I am better off NOT knowing! Le is protective of you, how sweet ;-Þ
I'd be insulating the garage with those, or flooring in the rafters or SOMEthing that would drive everyone nuts, good putting them outside Ddonn! xoxoxox
Happy ElCid's Birthday!!!
Happy Aunt Nan's Birthday!!!
Happy Glace's birthday!!!
busy day there...

The Lowe Family said...

wow. okay so i'm mad. why didn't you donate a wall to my giveaway instead of a dress? ur good at making those...who knew?

i'm off to smoke weed...bye.