Thursday, June 9, 2011

Last Day of School!!

The first day of school will be in 81 days, FYI

Here are the monkeys already out the door this morning, we had to get out fast becuase we picked up donuts for Fred's class on the way to school.

My 6th grader - Yikes!
"My" 5th grader, he's a boy, what else can I say?
My 4th grader, she had a long morning.
Baby George, my big 2nd grader. Yes, she was having a screaming fit right before this was taken. Yes, that is the same shirt she wore the first day of school. Yes, she did have shoes on before she got out of the car at school. Yes, those pants are being given to Sarah in July. No, I don't match socks.


Safire said...

Yay for summer!

Linda said...

I don't remember giving them permission grow up so fast! What beautiful women you have there!!!

Karen Valinda said...

Beautiful pictures!!!
But what a mean mommy to put how many days til school starts as the first line in her last day of school post!!!
I clicked the link and they Have grown up this year ~ good job squirrels and extra kid! GOOD JOB Mommy! Have a wonderful 81 day vacation xoxoxox

creeks wife said...

The count down to the first day of school on the last day if school is hysterical.

Kathy said...

I can't believe that you let George go to school in floods. It isn't considered capris past the calf.

Karen Valinda said...

I thought floods had to show your ankles? They did in 1971. If your ankles showed people would say, "Hey Bailey! Expecting a flood?" These are just too short bell bottoms Aunt Kathy, since bell bottoms are supposed to cover your shoes (1970's wisdom here again) just short of actually dragging on the ground. xoxoxox