Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day of School! First Day of School!

First, third, fourth and fifth grade here they come!
Thanks for taking them, I will see you all at 3:30!


Kathy said...

Those are some grown-up kiddos. You should do a then and now comparison.

Linda said...

pretty darn cute!

An Wanna said...

Hey look your extra kid is back!

Emily said...

Super cute 1st day of school pictures. I too would love to see comparison pictures over the years:)

Karen Valinda said...

Great Pictures! I love the height vs door knob perspective, is JR taller than EK?
My boy survived his first day but I didn't get a picture... orange shirt, sage green kilt, cream knee socks (from the UK, a previous teacher got them for him on a trip there, we paid ;-), and steel toed leather mid calf boots... and his new hair cut ;-}