Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A skip, hop and a jump

My baby brother graduated on Saturday night from high school, it was a sad thing for me. I was 14 when he was born and he was my responsibility for a lot of the 3 and a half years that passed before I went to college. I got a teeny tiny glimpse of how proud and teary I will be once my own girls get that far.

We left for the frigid north Friday at noon and stopped for the night in Provo with MyZanne. We had a fun time staying in her new house with it's enormous back yard and big basement, oh how I wish we could have a basement.

We left at ten and made our way to Boise just in time to check into the hotel, get to my mom's house and make it to graduation. It was a nice ceremony and I like the teacher's speech, very fitting for the occasion. We went out to Famous Dave's afterward (YUMMY) and got to bed late. Sunday came much too early and we went to church with my mom. After church, changing, and lunch we were off again, this time to Ogden to stay with a college roommate of mine, Casey.

Casey has 8 kids (for now, 2 are foster kids) and lives in a big ol house full of fun, chaos and a backyard that makes MyZanne's look like a postage stamp. The girls were in heaven and have requested to go back. After a good breakfast Monday morning, she could always make bacon better than I could, we piled back into the car and headed off to St. George.

We paused for 3 hours in St. George, had dinner, the girls played with Bubba and Kafra, ElCid played a few card games and then it was time to go, AGAIN. After the usual 2 hour drive we were finally home!

It was a fun weekend and wonderful to see so many family and friends but 4 days of driving 6+ hours a day is enough to do me in!!


Karen Valinda said...

When I did the math and realized the drive time here vs the time spent here I was VERY glad you had people to see and stay with coming and going!
I don't know how to use my new to me phone yet but I took 2 pictures and tried to mms them to you, then tried to email them to you (from the phone) and neither worked ;-{ They were of the completed cube early Sunday evening. I solved the cube 3 times that night because every time JE found it done he had to scramble it for me... "because you have so much fun doing it Mom!" I miss him already. I worked today for 3 1/2 hours and got my final paycheck - from this boss at least. After 8+ years that is a little hard to accept too! I am SO glad you were here and look forward to following my cute grand daughters on your blog ;-}

creeks wife said...

Sounds like nice chaotic fun.

An Wanna said...

Some people are such pansies about driving!