Thursday, June 20, 2013

The summer of room makeovers

Many years ago my girls liked pink, and Barbies.
Their interests have changed.

This used to be my sewing room.
It no longer is.

I decorated this room for George, when she was 1.
Fred lives here now.

George wants green to go with her black chalkboard wall. I felt this color was too dark in the store. She disagreed. Tomorrow we'll go back and find a bit brighter/lighter color...
The wallpaper border has to come down 
but her room will need the least amount of paint since the black stays.

Jr picked turquoise and will accent in gray. Maybe with a stencil?
Fred has chosen a light periwinkle color for her wall. As a compromise, so I won't have to rebuild the lower 1/3 of her wall, we're going to paint the pickets gray and the wall between them in blue so it will have a striped look. We will nail one of the long boards back across the top (painted periwinkle) to hide the shaped top, and it's handy to hang things off of.
It's going to be a busy summer but hopefully everyone will have a bedroom they like by the end of it!


Zanne said...

Good luck with all the painting. I like the new colors - your kids have good taste - I am glad George has changed her mind for a lighter green. If I lived closer, I would come help!

An Wanna said...

If you pay me I can paint stuff!

Grammy said...

I like the new colors! I think the periwinkle, grey, blue will be great, esp with the periwinkle board across the top of the pickets - you can't have too many places to hang things.
The turquoise is Beautiful!!! I wouldn't have thought I would like it so much, what shade of grey?
The green looks like it had to be on the wall to get a good feel for just how dark it was! I look forward to seeing what you change up to ;-}
Jamie had a couple of colors she was SURE she would love but purchased a sample - cup?- to put on the wall and her light lilac looked Dirty grey. It was money well spent and it would never have occurred to me :-o Looks like you are on Jamie's page, Smart Girls!!!
Has Jack Jack spoken up yet? I am sure she will love the bottom of the wall being chalkboard.
I love my squirrels, have fun painting! From southern ID with love ~ xoxoxox