Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Last Day of School

 Today is a bitter sweet day, my Little Jr is done with elementary school!
 George still has two more years.
 Jr and her homeroom teacher.
 George and her teacher.
She has always had such amazing teachers and this year was no different.
George loved her teacher.
 Jr and Teacher Barbie. 
Teacher Barbie is moving to a school closer to home, we will miss her tons!
Here they are on their first day of school together.
(Jr was in Teacher Barbie's first class)

As usual I will update with Fred's picture later.
And Jack-Jack, just for the sake of cuteness.


Grammy said...

Ultimate Cuteness, but she has some STIFF competition there ~ xoxoxox for all my squirrels ~ Happy Summer Vacation ~ Grammy

Grammy said...

Fred increased the least in height and I think JR may have had the biggest increase (looks like she edged out George) but Jack Jack wasn't standing in the first picture, lol Who grew the most inches this school year??? It could be a contest, there could be a prize, just sayin'

An Wanna said...

You do know you aren't supposed to bleach your toddler's hair, right? =P