Thursday, June 27, 2013

I'm the mean mom

Back in the day if I left notes in my jeans pockets and they made it to the washer my Mom would read them. I should probably pause and apologize to Zanne and Susan...

Anyhow these days the hip kids don't write notes, they text. I do periodic checks of my girls devices and have promised them if they don't want it on the internet don't put it on their devices.

Today I found these cute pictures of Fred. There were others as well but these two are my favorites.

The first is her "scared face" or she got the genetic inability to look cute and sexy that two of my sisters and I seem to have.
The second is just her, my sweet girl looking all grown up. *sigh*

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AnWanna said...

My husband would disagree with you on me not being able to look sexy & cute...