Friday, June 28, 2013

Scout Camp

ElCid has been reliving his 12 yr old glory days out at Scout Camp this week. 
Last night the girls and I went out to visit him.

Jack-Jack was completely in her element. This girl loves rocks, sticks, dirt and the outdoors!
 She had no problem making her way around camp, even though she still refuses to wear shoes.
George was ready to move in and share a cot with him.
Jr couldn't find the Wi-Fi, hmm that's a mystery...
We also ran into ElCid's Uncle Don and his cousin Steven. The troop from "The Parents" ward was there. 

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Zanne said...

Jack-jack and her dislike of shoes reminded me - I bought a pair of those skidders for Little Miss. Put them on her this morning, 15 minutes later she had figured out how to get them off. She is willing to play with shoes, but wear them, she's not so sure about that!

I am glad the girls got to go visit their daddy and the scouts.