Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break

The LAME version.

My poor girls are being subjected to a regular, boring at home spring break. The authorities have been notified and I'm planning on making the end of the week bearable by taking them to St. George to play with Bubba and Kafra for Thursday and Friday.

ElCid is of course majorly busy at work and the short trip will give my mom two days free of hassle to get all packed up. She is headed to Matey's birthday and HAS to be in Lakewood by the 19th!

Today Jr and I went shopping for the last few brands of diapers she needs for her science project. Our first stop though was Heddy's for fabric to make a wrap so I can wear Jack-Jack. The ladies there were totally ready to keep her for the day. Jack Jack has 3 new grandmas who begged me to bring her back soon!
The girls are having fun watching TV, jumping on the trampoline, chasing each other screaming, all the usual things the girls do when they're trapped in the house. 

Now that my wrap is made I think we'll venture out to the park tomorrow, something fun and exciting. Now for the pictures that are pretty much required on any post these days...
Am I wrong? Cause she's just too cute!


Karen Valinda said...

her beauty is the real kind - her inner self lights up her outer self. This is a girl you have to see to believe! Which her little uncle Jon intends to do tomorrow ;-}

An Wanna said...

The one with the pink outfit is the cutest face!