Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Break

When things finally got good.

I got realistic (because let's face it, I wanted 4 kids and now I have 4 kids and if I can't go on living my life the way I used to with 4 kids then I shouldn't have had that 4th kid) and took the girls to St. George for the last two days of spring break. 

We played with Bubba and Kafra, went to McDonalds with ElCid's parents and assorted siblings, made bird nest treats I had found on Pintrest, went out for frozen yogurt, saw a softball game, ran completely amok and in general had a good time, salvaging this spring break from the dismal affair it was destined to be otherwise.
 At the ball game, we had to hide in the car after a while it was SO windy!!
 Bird nest treats by George
Fred didn't want her picture taken, 
this pose makes her look far less ridiculous than just standing there smiling.
 Jr turned all her birds to look at me
 Hiding from the germs at McDonalds
  Bubba and Jr
 Fred and Kafra
George at Menchies, it's even better than Yogurtland because they have free giveaway things!! Tattoos, coloring pages, and little puzzle books.
 Jr and Bubba were riding to the park when Jr took a spill, 
they were both very sad their plans were ruined!
 With Kafra and Great Grandma Gretchen

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Kathy said...

Made bird best treats that Kathy found on Pinterest. ;)