Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jr's got Talent

Jr's "fancy" hair.
I don't have an up close picture of her dress but she'll be wearing it a few more times in the near future and I'm sure I will get a picture of it then. She also wore a pair of very tall heels that Fred got for a past birthday, she loved how tall they made her but after a few hours she was ready to give them up for a while.

The school choir sang first and invited 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders up to join them for a song. George was thrilled to go and sing with the older kids. She's the little turquoise spot on the left hand side.
Jr did a great job on her song but she's a little bit hard to hear on the video.
Jack-Jack did really well hidden in her car seat right up until the end when it was time for FOOD, NOW! The teachers running the show loved that I had brought her out and Jack-Jack got all of the appropriate ohhs and ahhs and "Look at all that hair" comments. :) If she does get sick in the near future I plan on blaming the little boy at the Dr office who was hacking up a lung right next to the well covered stroller/car seat, while I was being registered, whose mother ignored all my get your kid back from my stroller looks, not anyone at the school, they were all healthy. In the way of stats she is now 8lbs 2oz and still 21.25 inches long. They did the rest of her PKU test and will be seen again April 18th, I think I'll have ElCid go with me to that appointment.


An Wanna said...

Very nice singing!

Kathy said...

Beautiful singing!

Kathy said...

Valinda, really? You are the mother of FOUR! I would expect you to tell the mother of that child to step back and take the kid with her! Disappointed!

Kathy said...

Junior, I forgot to say how much I LOVE your hair. I bet you knocked 'em all dead!