Thursday, April 19, 2012

For MyZanne

The many faces of Jack-Jack

Why am I wearing someone else's dress?
Momma, what are we doing?
Are you sure about this?
I'm DONE already!!
This is for Boo Bear's little sister, who I'm hoping will show up on Sunday. The fabric is all new but the design is like our wedding dress and the appliques will be from our dress. The appliques will be in a similar design to the original dress. The skirt is a full circle, I wasn't going to make it quite that big but I couldn't resist. The length is actually shorter than what the pattern had for the skirt, but it wasn't a full circle either. I'm going to start hand sewing tomorrow, you can never start too soon when you're working on baby time!


An Wanna said...

Is Jack Jack going to wear it too?

Karen Valinda said...

Very nice! AnWanna, Jack Jack is going to wear her mommy's dress, just like you did and her other aunties and her three sisters did. Want to break tradition!?! and Grammy's heart?!?
This is a beautiful dress even before the appliques Ddonn ;-}