Friday, April 27, 2012

Trying something new

There is an amazing crafter's blog that I came across years ago. She makes these bouquets that are crazy cool. She had a baby about 2 years ago and she takes a picture of her everyday and posts it on a blog.

I think it is a very cool idea and I've been meaning to do it for Jack-Jack. Tonight I got around to it, because I'm just getting more behind and pretty soon it will take all day to catch it up! I have an app on my phone now that I can post from and since all of the pictures so far have been taken from my phone hopefully upkeep won't be impossible.

Jack-Jack will be on view everyday at Everyday Jack-Jack. Original I know, if you want to suggest another title leave it in the comments below. Everyone else enjoy watch my Baby Princess grow!

1 comment:

An Wanna said...

I think you should have one for all your girls! Jack-Jack is adorable but we want to see the other ones too!