Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One Month Old!

Little Miss Jack-Jack is a whole month old!
She is 9lbs 12oz, 22 inches, and her head is an inch bigger too!

We had her pictures taken the 14th and they turned out so cute! It's a shame pictures like this didn't exist when I had other kids. Well they did kind of but they weren't nearly as much fun. I made all her props/outfits and my friend Vicki took the pictures.

She still sleeps well, unless you want her to be asleep in pictures that is, eats like it's going out of style, and is happy to watch the world go by. She prefers to watch from the vantage point of my arms, but what are you going to do? She makes the cutest faces and is very expressive.

We're continuing to adjust to life with another Princess in the house and learning new things everyday. I still need to remember to let her wake up a little bit more before I change her diaper, getting peed on is so not funny!


Zanne said...

Such beautiful pictures!

An Wanna said...

If she was a boy getting peed on would be even less fun!

Karen Valinda said...

Amazing pictures. She even sleeps beautifully! xoxoxox

kimmeeg said...

I like the Snow White one best :)

Tine said...

I Love the snow white one too! If I have a girl I'm going to steal the idea.