Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Today was "the" day.

I am 34 weeks 5 days pregnant with Jack Jack. Today was the day that I had Jr, 34 weeks 5 days. It's a little bit odd to be doing so well but I will totally take it!! The last time I was this pregnant I was 21, I have to admit it's a different ball game when you're ... not 21.

I still have Dr appointments twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Tuesday appointments are biophysical profiles, I listen to Jack Jack on the monitor for 20 minuets or so, depending on how cooperative she's being. Via ultrasound they measure her fluid levels, watch her practice breathe, see her move a few times and then send me on my way. They also check my BP and blood sugars chart.

Fridays are regular Dr visits which are routine end of pregnancy visits. He also checks my BP, asks about my sugars, headaches, vision changes, contractions, upper right quadrant pain, swelling, and then any other questions I have. Usually by that point there's nothing left!

As long as things continue to look good I get to keep going. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a "big" baby that gets to come home when I do!

Today during the ultrasound Jack Jack was blinking and sticking out her tongue! It was so funny to watch, kind of like watching a little kid make faces in a mirror when they don't know you can see them. This tech also mentioned just how much hair she has, the last tech said it was over an inch and this one agreed that it must be at least that! I think I'll be adding bows to my hospital bag, just in case.


Zanne said...

YAY! I was just saying to Werty on Sunday, 'whoa, Valinda has made it to 34 weeks, how great is that?' I hope everything continues to go well.

I am on my way to pick up test strips. Guess that means the GD diet starts tomorrow. :(

An Wanna said...

I wish you had an uncomplicated pregnancy, but it is exciting for me when I know what all that stuff means and why they are doing it.

Katie Gubler said...

Yeah!!!! So excited for ya'all!!!!