Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Lots of love was shared yesterday morning at Pastries With Parents, my kids were able to play with friends and run amok, or help out, it just depended on the kid.

George brought me my first Valentine after school, well it was for the whole family but I got a good laugh out of it for sure!
I'm just really glad her teacher knows us and knows that feeding her isn't really something we have a problem doing. Getting her to eat what we feed her, now that's another story...

Jr and George got tons of candy from school and Fred only felt a little bit left out. ElCid and I got them each a small present so no one was really left presentless. Even though I hadn't seen daffodils in the store and told ElCid he was off the hook, he managed to find them and bring them home anyway. 
It was a good day and my pretty flowers will brighten up my front yard for years to come :)

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