Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Perinatologist

Jack-Jack and I saw the perinatologist this morning and she looks great! They estimate her at 5lbs. 4 oz and 16 inches long. They think she's big because of the Gestational Diabetes, I think she's that big because she just is. Jr. was 5lbs 2 oz and 16 3/4in at 34 weeks when she was born. George was 5lbs 4oz and 16-17in. (Bad mom who can't remember, I know) when she was born at 33 weeks. The measurements of Jack-Jack's humerus and femur are a few weeks ahead of where she is now (31weeks 5 days). In fact they measure at the same size Jr. and George were when they were born. Her head isn't quite as far ahead as the rest of her, just by a week and a half. But my kids don't have the biggest heads, I leave that to ElCid's nieces and nephews. It's looking like I won't need preemie clothes this time around!

I got to sit and listen to her for a while and I'll be listening to her twice a week when I go in for checks. They will check my blood sugar chart, my BP and her water levels. Fun times all around!! Here are some pictures, the best part of all the extra testing. 
Face with chubby cheeks :)
 Her foot is 2.5 inches long now.
 Profile, not very good because squirmy wouldn't hold still.


Katie Gubler said...

beautiful :)

Heidi said...

So EXCITING!!! We are praying for you!

Zanne said...

Yay! Seeing your baby IS the best part of all that testing! I am glad both of you are doing so well.

An Wanna said...

You might get another "real" sized baby this time! Haven't had one of those for almost 12 years!

Hillary said...

Wow. You are getting so close! So excited to meet jack jack!