Saturday, November 5, 2011

Introducing Princess Jack - Jack

Because anyone really thought it would be a boy?? I didn't, I was sure she was a girl, it's nice to be right :) (Yes, we're still going to be done.) She looks fabulous, all of her parts are there, her heart has 4 chambers and beats in rythmn, her face is fully formed and her palette is intact, stomach, bladder, fingers toes, it's a very comforting sight and so awesome too! 
Her profile is slightly different than the other 3, maybe she'll look like MY family!!
 Her hands and feet, her feet are 1 inch long.
I'm still feeling fine, my blood pressure is doing great. My mom is doing dishes and laundry and it really helps to have 2 less things to do.I'm still down 7 lbs from when I started which makes me happy and the Dr. isn't worried so it's all good. Here I am at 12, 15, and 19 weeks.
I still run into people who are shocked to hear I'm having a baby, "They can't even tell!". I even be polite to them, I think that deserves extra points! I'm halfway there and the fun of shopping has begun, ElCid's favorite part.


AnWanna said...

They can't even tell? Do you wear super baggy clothes or do they think you've taken up drinking and have a beer belly? Cuz the 19 wk photo definitely looks pregnant, not fat.

Zanne said...

Such a beautiful baby! Finally, picture proof of your belly! The waddling stage may not be something to look forward to, but that is a definite ROUND baby belly you got going on - not question you are expecting. My theory is that most people are surprised because 1. people tend not to notice stuff, especially if you see them often, because they are preoccupied with themselves and have a static mental picture of your already in their mind (like high school students) or 2. They've been wondering for a while so they are feigning ignorance to be polite. I remember when I told one of my colleagues, and she was like, yeah, I know, I could tell for a few weeks now - especially with that outfit you wore two days ago. In that outfit, I wondered if you weren't trying to announce it. Only someone you know well enough can really get away with that kind of reaction.

Karen Valinda said...

I look at that cute little profile and I see ElCid! with a slightly rounded nose ;-} Maybe your Dad's nose is the only genetic trait strong enuf to give ElCid's a run for their money!?!
Great progress in the tummy pictures, I look forward to the ones yet to come ;-}
Dear Zanne, Ddonn doesn't 'waddle' she 'sways' or something else more elegant sounding. xoxoxox