Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween! Uhm, last week ...

We had Halloween here. It was great fun, the girls got to go trick or treating multiple times. I only had to take them once, that was even better. :)

Fred was a ghost, not goth. Apparently the looks are similar.
Jr. was a "Fiery Phoenix" she chose the costume from a catalog months ago and pestered me to buy it, it was expensive but I didn't have to make it. Win-win in my book.

George was a bat. The Party City flyer came, she saw it, loved it, I bought it. Another win-win.
 And of course, the Loot!!  The Trunk or Treat haul.
Their individual Halloween Hauls. The buckets were emptied before they went again. 
(Emptied into ziplock baggies, they still haven't eaten it all yet.)
Fred went with a friend, Jr. went with a friend, ElCid took George around. I stayed home :)

I did make 2 costumes this year for Sarah and Kathryn. They looked fabulous.

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An Wanna said...

Iz that a Belle skirt in the background? I thought you wuz done with dresses for now....