Friday, October 28, 2011

The last few days

We've had the past two days off of school, sleeping in has been heavenly!! 

Yesterday was Fred's choir concert for Honor Choir. They sounded great and all the people talking couldn't say enough about how great the choir was. 4 of the high school honor choir members had been in the choir all 4 years of HS. Two of the four had been in since 6th grade (7 yrs.). Fred now has a new goal in life :) There were two choirs, one for middle school, one for high school. The last song they sang included all of them. The picture is just the 147 middle schoolers.

Zanne and Susan, choir dresses have NOT improved much in the last ... few ... years. I was kind of glad to see the torture continues. 

The girls have also been enjoying the beautiful weather by playing out in the back yard. They built a fort/tent and have loved hanging out in it, George especially.
 My mom hasn't figured out just how literal and creative my kids are. She jokingly suggested to Fred that she ought to put George into the garbage can, with a new bag in it. Fred thought it was a great idea, so in George went. this is one of the 20 pictures that was taken of the incident.

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An Wanna said...

Well as long as it had a new clean bag....