Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day of School!

After surviving the looonnnggg, HOT, boring, summer (that wasn't even said by me) the happiness that is school is back in session! What can I say? I have strange kids, they really do love school, not a bad thing at all. Well they loved school this morning, we'll see if any of them change their minds by this afternoon. The only one I'm actually concerned about is Fred, it was a little bit sad to be at the school and know that she wasn't there too. On to the pictures, because we all know that's why you're really here.
My 6th grader, good heavens, I'm old.
I'll have to take a picture of her in front of the door later.
This is his "cool" face...
Jr, all grown up and headed to 4th grade, her teacher is Mrs., Fred's same 4th grade teacher
3 seconds after she stopped having a fit that Jr. was going to get her picture taken before her.
Her official 2nd grade picture, she looks so little.
With her teacher Coltfan, Jr's second grade teacher. This is the only repeat teacher that makes me nervous. The teacher is fabulous, amazing! Fred and Jr are very different people but at school they behave close to the same. George breaks all the molds when it comes to school behavior and as I'm reminded by several people she IS very young. Hopefully this is the year she grows up and stops being reminded to use her words.


Katie Gubler said...

Congratulations, girls!!! Sure love you all :) Valinda, I hope you had a little party!

Heidi said...

They all look so grown up. Hope you had a good nap today :)

Safire said...

I bet your house was VERY quiet today. Lucky. :)

Karen Valinda said...

What beautiful first day of school pictures!
I am sure Coltfan* will catch on quickly that she has a decidedly independent young lady in Fred and Jr's younger sister. She* looks like a fast learner to me!
And since George probably IS the youngest child in her class, all she needs is a little more time Mom, she'll be little miss "I use my words" before you know it ;-} (but please do NOT hold your breath, it can be hazardous to a mom's health!)
Very nice

Janell said...

School Rocks!