Friday, September 2, 2011

Randomness about power usage (or why I should get more sleep and not use the computer when I'm tired)

My energy company claims to knows a lot about me. They tell me what I spend the most money on. They believe I spend $187 cooling my home, $13 on "other", $11 on lighting, $10 on food storage, $7 on cooking and $3 on hot water. I've always been a bit skeptical as to how they make these assumptions about my house, I do keep my house cool, we all know how wimpy I am, but what is the $13 for other?? Charging my iphone? Obviously they don't know my kids or they would have included a healthy chunk for computer/TV/iPod & DS charging use.

Today when I was over on the page checking the amount of my bill (ouch!!) There was a new chart that I could grab a picture of and it was how much I use each day. Now this does take data from summer time but why is Tuesday the highest? Why isn't it Saturday or Sunday when we're all here and the girls think the TV is a free for all? I wonder how much it will change now the monkeys are back at school.


Kathy said...

I agree that you should not use the computer when you are tired. I nearly fell asleep reading this. :)

Karen Valinda said...

Could "other" be the washer and dryer? Exhaust fan(s)? Tuesday huh?
I will have to ask our utility people about graphs!
My bill got higher when Brent started sleeping days and being up all night so it was NOT a mystery. The bill jumped $15 this month but we kinda think that is the cost of B running the broiler on the oven for 9 hours straight...