Sunday, August 21, 2011

Yay Me!! Boo you ;)

So NEVER in a million years did I actually think ElCid would cave to my whining for a new car, so imagine my surprise when he came home Friday night talking about what kind of car did I think I wanted...I made up a list of fabulous cars, I have good (aka expensive) taste. We went out on Saturday and I was fully prepared to look around be shocked by prices and settle on fixing the a/c again.

The first place was a bust, they had nothing, literally they had like 20 cars, they are being hit hard by a lack of cars coming from Japan. We drove a brand spankin' new Pilot there but it was just never going to happen it was way too much! The little boy there suggested we lease it as an option to get a lower price and I laughed in his face. I felt bad later. A little bit.

The second place was better and we drove an Odyssey and a Pilot. They were both "pre-owned" so a teensy bit closer to an actual price we could afford. The Odyssey was ok, it smelled a bit funny, and the middle seat in the second row was really tiny. The Pilot was lovely and the middle seat in the second row was slightly bigger but it has no trunk space. It did however have a trailer hitch...something I've wanted for YEARS. And when we travel we can get one of those attachments that will hold all the luggage that wouldn't fit in the car.

After hours of fighting with the salesman and finally getting what we wanted for the price we wanted it was 
Buhh bye Bunso ---

Helllooo shiny new (09) Honda Pilot!!!
The idea of having a car payment again is enough to make me cry but it was time.  Poor Bunso had so many problems and it wasn't going to be worth pouring thousands of dollars into her just to keep her running.

When we pulled up in the new car Fred and Jr. were excited but poor little George burst into tears demanding to know what we'd done with Bunso!! We told her we traded her for this fancy new car (that has a CD PLAYER) and that she would go to another family that would love her and take care of her. She was placated a little bit and once she was told she got to name this car, since she wasn't around to help name the last one, she warmed up to the idea.

George, being George named the car ... George. The middle name is Snowflake, Jr's very favorite middle name for everything (I fear for my future grandchildren). Fred decided we should tack Jr. onto the end after her last name for good measure.

So I have a fancy new car, and a fancy new car, car payment. We'll be cutting back on all sorts of things in the future, I can see it now, but we'll make it work, we have to, you can't eat a car ;)


Kathy said...

So...will the boo you come back to bite you after you realize how much faster you go through a tank of gas in an SUV? :)

It's a beauty, that's for sure!

An Wanna said...

George was alive when you got Bunso... Right? I'm pretty sure you guys got it right when she was born. And I saw a tv show once where this guy ate nails, lightbulbs, and other stuff like that so you *could* eat the car...

Susan said...

Next time will you at least go to the Ford Dealership (pretty please?) They have some really great new options, and I have friends that can get you a discount.

Glad you like your new car.

Karen Valinda said...

Please ignore An Wanna. I do NOT want to be in a book of world records as the mother of someone who ate a car, or the grandmother for that matter ;-Þ
Beautiful car Ddonn! I love the color (most important feature, eh?)
So keep track of the mpg going to St George and maybe poor George won't be That far off from Bunso's performance, maybe. Maybe her other pluses will help if she is too far behind mileage wise - like air conditioning or handling or personality.
Aunt Sandy sez there is a ramen cookbook, I will have to get you one to help with your future cut backs ;-}

Safire said...

Yay for a new car! My parents have a Pilot which I drove around while I was in Utah and I LOVED it. Well, except it was hard to buckle kids in car seats in the very back. Yay for Car George!