Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Daydreams and Aspirations

Something I want to do in my life?

Be married to ElCid for the rest of my life. This is definitely something I want.

Raise 3 healthy, happy, lovely girls who become well educated, get married, 
have babies (or careers) and live happily ever after.

Develop a successful business. 
I'm not sure what will mark that success, but I'd like to make it "go" somewhere. 

Landscape our backyard. Currently it is a big dust hole, I'd love to have a yard we can hang out in. Grass, trees, a trampoline, nice patio set with an umbrella. Doesn't it sound fabulous?

Travel outside North America. I've been to Canada twice but I'd like to go somewhere that requires a real passport (we went before you needed a passport).  I'd love to see England or Australia or Germany or somewhere!

Mostly I want to spend time with my family and be happy with them.


Susan said...

I think those goals will not be too hard to achieve at all!

As for your backyard, I have been struggling with ours because the plants in Texas are different. I got a book at the library on gardening here and its really helped. It recommends more drought resistant plants etc and plants that do well in Texas but are not native to the area.

Also, friends gave us cuttings off of their plants, so we could grow the same thing in our yard. That way it was less expensive. I grew the transplants in pots and then planted them in the yard!

Finally, they have gravel and rocks at the store. You might want to consider lots of rocks and gravel paths mixed in with plants. That way you don't have to water so much. Grass requires SO MUCH watering, and I feel like we never have time to water the yard.

Finally, a soaker hose (about $14) is a great way to water your plants. The water goes straight from the hose into the soil, so you don't waste it. You leave the hose going for an hour, which lets you do other things. This is ideal as long as your dog won't chew the hose.

LOL. I'll mail you some pictures of my garden - as you can see I am getting more and more into it.

Miss ya!

AnWanna said...

I want to travel too! It sounds fun!

Kathy said...

I want to stay married as well. It is an excellent goal. Also, I want a trampoline, nice patio set complete with umbrella, and a pool (as long as we're daydreaming!)

Karen Valinda said...

Very nice. Is there any grass that 'flourishes' in your climate? I was trying to remember after reading Susan's comment. ;-}