Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Not to be obvious...

Day 6 is something I hope I never have to do. This list isn't going to be ground breaking or original and that's ok. 

- Bury one of my children. This has been a nightmare of mine since before I had kids. I read a lot of historical fiction as a kid and people were always dying off. I was on the fence about George's name because in the book, that character dies. I know it could happen and I know if it were to happen we would get through it, somehow, and we would be together forever later but it's definitely NOT something I would want to do.

- Raise my kids on my own. Either by untimely death or divorce or a military draft I would not want to raise my kids truly alone. I think I'm a strong person but Moga and Jessica have me beat when it comes to the stoic raising my kids on my own thing. 

- Since I don't want to raise my kids on my own it won't be a surprise I'd rather not lose ElCid either by untimely death, divorce or military draft. 

- Live in St. George. I know I'm horrible and offensive and that's ok, I've come to grips with it. When ElCid and I got married just over 12 years ago I said I wouldn't consider living in St. George until it got a Target and a Jack in the Box, because they had neither. They have both now but I still wouldn't want to live there. It's very small town. Some people like that, I don't. There are only a few major roads through town, they get clogged easily, and when they get shut down it's a disaster. Mostly, I don't know how I would fit in and that is definitely a big fear.


Kathy said...

Why is it offensive that you don't want to live in St. George? Some days, I don't want to live here. Also, I don't want to live in Vegas. Ever. So there.

An Wanna said...

Umm if St George is "very small" how would you define Kooskia?

Karen Valinda said...

Kooskia can't spell Target OR Jack in the Box! :-Þ (People in St George can't spell Kooskia, or pronounce it)
People in Kooskia have to drive to Lewiston for Target and Jack in the Box - hour and a half, right? If you aren't behind a huge slow semi on them winding roads.
You could get a house near the park with the statue of your ancestress and give tours Ddonn! You would even be able to make your own costume!
It's late, later than I thought judging by this comment. Seriously, I think you would create your own niche and be surprised by how well you do, no matter where you were to go. There are lots of cool things about you that would attract positive attention. And in a very short time people would recognize Bunzo and stay out your way!
wv:nochanc, Nochanc Ddonn will move to St George OR Kooskia ;-}