Saturday, April 9, 2011

No Joking Here!!

We've been having wild weather here the last few weeks! Last Friday was 92 and yesterday was 58. Today however takes the cake it SNOWED!! It lasted about 10 minutes and none of it stuck but the girls were delighted, and so was I!!


Kathy said...

Don't point out the messy bark yard and people won't even notice.

We also got snow for thirty second intervals today. So strange.

An Wanna said...

I am not a fan of the seemingly never ending snow we have at my house but I will take snow over 92 degrees any day!

Karen Valinda said...

Since most lasvegans have lava rock or cacti instead of yardspace to grow weeds, you may be perceived as boasting!? I was too busy looking at the snow on ?Fred's? hair to see the faint green on the far right ;-}
You look good with snow on your shoulder, Ddonn! xoxoxox
wv: aluati~ aluati jante aluati! :-Þ