Monday, April 11, 2011

Better than Christmas >:) - Guys you might want to skip this one -

This Friday is the "Growth and Development" movie in 5th grade and Fred refuses to go. I had no problem with her going but when I went to sign the paper she freaked out saying there was NO WAY she was doing that!! I asked if her friends were going and yes they are, but she's NOT! I asked if she knew that the boys would be in a different room and she said yes, but she's NOT going to be in either room! I asked if she was afraid of being embarrassed, because everybody will be and she said that was, NOT the problem! I figured there are so many battles we have in front of us that I'd let her win this one. 

In the week and a half since she brought home the paper to sign I've been threatening her if she doesn't behave I'll sign the paper so she has to go. If she doesn't stop bugging her sisters I'll sign the paper so she has to go.  Unless she wants to go to the thing on Friday she will unload the dishwasher, put in a load of laundry, help clean the bathroom, etc. I haven't been one who threatens to take away Christmas (or Birthdays) and this has been a lot of fun.

I think she's as ready as she can be and I really don't think a movie would make that much difference. We've talked more than once about growing up and Kathy bought us that book and she read the whole thing. In the mail today I got a flier and a coupon, apparently if your feminine hygiene products are cute it makes things better, I'm thinking a man might have been behind that idea.


Kathy said...

Seriously, everything in the movie is in THAT BOOK. She is okay not to go. But, what will she do while everyone else goes? Does she know that she will get a cookie or some other sweet that is supposed to take away the sting of knowing the horrible fate that will befall her every.single.month of her life until she is a grandma?

Safire said...

Here everyone I know pulls their kid for THAT class. Why? The fact that they teach that you do not need a man and a woman to make a baby. In elementary school!

creeks wife said...

Bear did not go to THAT class either. The girls and boys had it on different days so he went to recess with the girls why the other boys were stuck watching THAT movie.

An Wanna said...

I would be interested to know why she doesn't want to watch it. While it isn't discussing super fun topics it would be good if she had a more positive outlook on the whole thing.