Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's!!

Haha there's no new update here! Aren't you sorry that you got all excited that I updated my blog with all of the fun and fascinating things I've done in the last week and a half? 

The problem is I've done NOTHING fun or fascinating in the last week and a half. I made a Rapunzel that turned out cute, I've been researching Geo Umizoomi for a project due next Tuesday, I've been freezer paper stenciling super capes, I've been ignoring my sister who is LAME because she's not coming until Monday - whatever! MyZanne has been doing fun things, she had a birthday yesterday!! So did Juice. Now they are both WAY older than me! Fred is planning fun and fascinating things, like how to spend her birthday $$$ (that she will get in 21 days), and what to take in her sack lunches for her upcoming field trips, there are 4 of them! ElCid isn't much fun lately and while he's busy with taxes I don't really think it counts as fascinating news, he's been doing taxes for years now. George and Jr. have been having hysterical crying fits more often lately and I'm blaming the fact that they stay up too late playing, news that is neither fun or fascinating. Cinderella is zooming closer, Fred has hour long rehearsals after school most days in April. I'm not zooming much closer to being done with costumes - yikes! I still have no idea what the step mother is going to wear - ugh! 

So joke's on you, nothing to see here, move along and find a blog with a real update!

Stop the presses!!!

In the mail today I got a letter letting me know that Fred was accepted to a Math & Science Magnet School!!(Basically her name was randomly selected by a computer)
Then when I picked them up from school Fred told me she got a 19 on her writing proficiency paper!!(20 is perfect)


Karen Valinda said...

From this post it seems apparent that Fred is the fun and fascinating one in your family just now! Money to spend, 4 field trips, play practice, Magnet school AND she is a proficient writer!!!
psssst! Zanne may not want you telling people she is old, just sayin' ;-}
wv:goriten, what Fred does to establish her proficiency - that's a long I there - "You goriten girl!"

AnWanna said...

Junior & George behaved when I was there. You should send them to live up here with me with no water....

Kathy said...

I should come be the bedtime Nazi this summer. Also, way to go, Fred! That's my girl.
I updated my blog with something new! And, not to be all teacher-y on you, but you have a typo like 3 words in on this post. :)

Emily said...

Congrats Fred!