Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I got two calls today asking about work to be done ASAP, I accepted so I would have more money for the Grand Canyon, you know for that oven I want from Sam's and food and treats and souvenirs.

I was on my way to a fitting for rush job #1 with everyone in the car and about a half mile from home the car started making a strange noise and it started smoking. No, REALLY.

We parked and got out and walked home. I guess I know where that "extra" money is going!



Karen Valinda said...

oh no Ddonn! I am so sorry. Did you still make it to the fitting?

Susan said...

Hope the is OK and no real damage. :( Sad you had to walk home but glad you and the girls are OK. I agree, this week could be a lot easier.

Susan said...

I meant Hope the CAR is OK... typing too fast.

Tami said...

what make and model of oven?