Monday, March 14, 2011

Where I've been

Well, busy of course! 

I finished up the project of the week last Friday and sent it away. You can see the darling recipient over on my other blog.

I've been trying to find my kitchen counters, bathroom floors, and the carpet in the hallway. It's been an enormous task and it will probably take a month to do all the laundry I pulled out of bedrooms this weekend!

That's another place I've been, in the girl's bedrooms trying to find floor, beds, tables, etc. Anwanna is coming next week and Moga & Matey are coming a month after that, I don't want to be desperately cleaning before they arrive! Oh, wait, to late for Anwanna ... whoops.

Cinderella is going well. I'm taking measurements in the next few weeks to work on the pieces that will be provided by me. I figured out how to make cute trees so the only thing left to figure out is the Stepmother's day dress. I have her ball gown and her pj's but her day dress is leaving me blank.

We're adjusting to life with a one legged Fred, she's doing all right despite her crippled wardrobe. She's had 2 showers, she's clean, and the cast is still dry and intact!

Jr and Fred took the CRT's (standardized tests) last week and are now anxiously waiting the results. We'll have them back by the end of the school year ;). Report cards come out Wednesday and everyone is looking forward to earning their $5!

The Grand Canyon is still on for Spring Break and we're planning as we go. There's a beautiful camp stove/oven I'm coveting at Sam's Club, I'd love to take it with us, it would make life very sweet!


Karen Valinda said...

Very sweet I am sure and will give Christopher lots of excuse to say "ow!" and his version of "hot!". I am SO glad you are fitting in company this Spring... and a little jealous that I will not be one of your visitors! You guys are lots of fun to visit even without the Grand Canyon!!! xoxoxox
wv: house
I love to go to Valinda's house ;-}

Zanne said...

CRTs, those CRTs, I do not like those CRTs. Would you, could you in a box? Would you give them to Mr. Fox?

We are taking the English language proficiency test this week and last week. I wanted to get them done before they have to take the CRTs, which is right around the corner.

Safire said...

If I give you permission to buy the stove, will you give me permission to buy a beach tent? That's what I'm currently coveting.