Thursday, March 17, 2011

SO Exciting!!!!!

Once upon a time I was in college (don't laugh) I bought a grapefruit, peeled it and began eating it "orange" style (you already knew I'm weird). I pulled out the seeds as I went because I'm not that weird.One of the seeds had started to sprout so I planted it in a sour cream container. It got bigger so I transferred it to a gallon sized ice cream container. I got married and my baby tree came with me. We moved to Las Vegas, it survived the move and it lived out on our balcony. It got bigger and I put it in a 5 gal pot. We moved again and it lived inside when it was cold and outside when it was warm. I had a baby and the baby loved to "pet" it. It got bigger and I had another baby. It got bigger still and I put it in a 45 gal trash can. It was too big to come inside when it got cold and sometimes I worried it wasn't going to survive the wind! We moved one last time and it lived on the back porch. It was a very pretty tree. I had another baby and I decided I needed to put my tree in the ground. There was a depression in our side yard, far too close to the house to put a tree in, ElCid said. I used that depression as a starting point for my tree hole. I dug the hole all by myself and put nice dirt in the hole and fertilizer and then my baby tree. ElCid said it was too close to the house. My baby tree has done quite well but it's never bloomed. Not once in 13+ years. This past winter was hard on my baby tree for some reason (it didn't even get cold) and I've been keeping an eye on it. Today I went to see how the new leaves were coming in and I saw this!!!!!
And I saw these!!!! It's BLOOMING!!!
You can also see that it's way to close to the house.
Huh, ElCid gets to be right about 2 things since we've been married ;)

While I was admiring my baby tree I walked past 
the only pretty thing in my front yard.
It made me miss MyZanne.


El Cid said...

Cool; what was the other thing I was right about?

Zanne said...

I didn't know it was still alive! That's so cool! I remember when we didn't have a television in the apartment, and your ice cream bucket tree was the center piece of the entertainment center. I am glad that it likes it's permanent home.

I will have to look at your pics later at home. My work mac won't let me see your pics anymore.

Karen Valinda said...

Hooray for sprouted seeds! I hope you get fruit, that would be awesome ;-} The apple seed Grammy and Eddie planted took about 10 or so years before it bore apples, maybe I should hold out hope for my avocado, eh?
Will you need to water it more for it to bear fruit? Or fertilize? This is exciting *-^ xoxoxox

Safire said...

So cool! Can't wait to see your tiny grape fruit.

Kathy said...

Ummmmm-I think you planted your tree too close to your house. Just thought I would tell you since you might not have known.

Also, how come pretty flowers don't remind you of me?

An Wanna said...

Aunt Kathy I think it might be because your name doesn't have a flower in it....

Kathy said...

Hey, that's not my fault! :)

Zanne said...

That is a pretty rose! I can see your pics at home on my laptop, which means it's the new security/filter protocols on the district network that keep me from seeing any pics. Kathy, go ahead and pick a type of flower, but it can't be mine! :P

wv bogra - is that like a cobra with boogers?

Kathy said...

I would never steal your flower. I was really teasing, you know!