Monday, March 7, 2011

Broke as a Joke

The orthopedist only had to glance at the films to confirm the opinion of the x-ray physician and the pediatrician. Fred has a fracture in her 5th metatarsal, that's on the pinky toe side. She chose a blue cast and we bought silver and black sharpies for people to sign with.

Good News
- The appointment only took 2 hours so she got to go back to school and to rehearsal for the play.
- The cast will come off the morning before we leave for the Grand Canyon
   (the crutches will be coming with us)
- It is a walking cast so she won't have to use the crutches for the next 6 weeks.

Bad News
- She wore skinny jeans to the Dr. appointment. I'm pretty sure they will have to be cut off.
- ALL of her jeans are pretty narrow around the bottom and NONE of them will fit over the cast.
- She owns no sweat pants because she is far too fashionable for such sloppy clothes.
- She can't wear heels for the next 6 weeks
- She doesn't have any skirts she can wear without leggings and her church dresses aren't really school appropriate

The best part of the whole appointment came when the very serious Dr. looked me straight in the face and told me that Fred, my nearly 11 year old, can only have sponge baths for the next 6 weeks. No, REALLY. I nodded politely and obediently all the while thinking up a plan to get her clean in my shower. It has a hand held shower head and it's really quite big so with duck tape, garbage bags, and some sealed food storage buckets for her to sit on I'm sure we will be able to do something better than a sponge bath and keep her leg dry! Could you imagine how grody she would be after sponge baths, conducted by herself of course, after 6 weeks. *gag*

After voice lesson tonight we'll be stopping by a store to get her some new pants to wear, and I thought the Dr was going to be the only expense in all of this!


Safire said...

Don't you people wear shorts in the perpetual desert where you live?

Seriously, though, we're sorry about the cast. Be prepared for some cast funk in about a month, no matter how hard you try with the garbage bags and duct tape. :)

Linda said...

You could ask Emily how sponging off an 11 goes. (think Als and her broken elbow) Ah what bondage moments!! ;-)

Karen Valinda said...

Safire has an idea there, is it warm enuf for shorts yet? I am sure she doesn't have loose shorts but even not loose shorts are made to accommodate the thigh at the hemline, unlike skinny jeans...

Valinda said...

This is the kid who now wears Jr. sizes. Her shorts from last year don't fit anymore. I'm hoping to find some leggings at DI that I can cut one leg off of.

An Wanna said...

Just convince the child that boot cut jeans are in now. They would totally fit over a cast. And I am in agreement about the clothes from DI and cutting off a leg of them...

Or just buy the child longer skirts! Or find someone who knows how to sew and add something to the bottom to make them longer. Hmm where could you find someone who knows how to sew????

Karen Valinda said...

oooh! she could choose black lace or white lace!
I really did love you girls, I was just poor and the lace extended the lifespan of your skirts/dresses.
That is a great idea about the leggings. Fashion Bug had them on sale here 2 weeks ago, don't know if they still are and sometimes Walmart marks them way down to $5, of course that isn't the Junior dept, but maybe!xoxoxox