Saturday, March 5, 2011

Happens every time!

I finally have a few hundred dollars saved up for the Grand Canyon and what happens? A big bill comes up! Well it isn't due yet but after spending Friday afternoon in a Dr. appointment and getting x-rays and a referral next week for a orthopedist, I'm pretty sure it's going to be a whopper!

Why all the drama? Fred. She was participating in a relay in PE on Thursday morning and was running backward and tripped on another kid. I didn't find out until she came out of rehearsal Thursday afternoon that she got hurt. There wasn't much swelling and no discoloration so I had her stay off of it and she stayed home Friday. When it was still causing pain at lunchtime I called, got an appointment, and the drama began.

The Dr looked at hmmmed and hahhhed and then got really concerned. He ordered x-rays STAT (what does that mean anyway?) and after the x-rays were developed there could very possibly be a break, if there is, it's small. We'll find out next week after seeing the specialist. The Dr said it's not an emergency but she's on crutches with the foot in an ace bandage, iced frequently, while resting and the foot elevated.

Talk about 10 yr old heaven! She has to sit and watch TV or read books while doing nothing else - all weekend! Jr and George are a tad bit jealous and Fred is quite a bit smug.

Once we get the official word I'll be sure to let you know. She's hoping for a cast, they're all the rage this year at school!


Karen Valinda said...

OH NO! Fred, the Fairy God mother doesn't need a cast! ;-}
a possible break where? When JE broke his ankle it was casted incorrectly and has never been the same so stay on top of every move and ask about physical therapy! They casted his first and x rayed second so I am sure Fred will be safe from his treatment errors.
Poor JR and George! I bet this was a Major clean the bedrooms weekend too, eh? xoxoxox
wv:sitalis, Fred developed sitalis after hurting her foot

Linda said...

I know how that feels! Seems like anytime there was money ahead...wham! On the upside, there is money...
I think the "saying should be it's not money, it's the LACK of money that causes the problem!" Hugs to all of you!