Thursday, March 3, 2011

Before they were stars

I worked my way through a LOT of Netflix watch instantly as I tackled my most recent sewing project. Most of the movies and TV shows were older but some of the characters I've come across have gone on to bigger and better things.
- "Draco Malfoy" was Louis in Anna and the King.
- Adam Sandler was on The Cosby Show, repeatedly.
- Brooke Shields was on The Cosby Show
- Several other people have been on The Cosby Show too, but I can't pinpoint who they are and their names, in the show, are hard to catch. One that did get me was the Mom from the Quantum Leap Trilogy, the one that knocked Violet down the well. I wasn't watching and suddenly, I heard her voice! She had those same creepy light blue eyes and the same other wordly soft voice.
- Lily from Hanna Montana was in Spy Kids 2 (this wasn't on Netflix it was one Sunday on channel 6)
- Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl was also in Spy Kids 2
- The girls spotted Rachel from Friends on Quantum Leap one time, they were very excited.

I'm sure we'll spot more blooming stars as I work on more projects, they seem to be everywhere!


Karen Valinda said...

She's alive ! ! !
I love you Ddonn, even if you do have strange choices in shows you view... The Cosby Show would be too distracting to me ;-}

AnWanna said...

I watched the Cosby show when I lived in Meridian (it was on after Price is Right) and I also noticed there are lots of people on that show.