Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What Happens in Vegas ...

...gets plastered all over the internet. Remember that for your next vacation here, and when you come, look me up, we'll hang out!

Remember that house that had the moving truck in front of it?
Well here you go again.
I forgot to make sure there wasn't anything close to my iron when I turned it on.
Last Friday was Bingo Night for PTSO, we ordered 43 pizzas. That is a whole trunk full!!
George won at Bingo and we stopped at WalMart on the way home to pick out a toy, Squinkies. On the way out of the store the girls ran ahead of me, George stopped to hold the door for me.
Saturday was Cookie Carnival for Girl Scouts. Fred (who isn't in GS) had a party so George, Jr and I went, hung out, helped out and had fun. 
Since we were halfway to the temple we stopped there before heading home. PhotobucketPhotobucket
Saturday night I was stressing over my Relief Society lesson, can you tell?
While I was shopping for a new phone, not really for treats, I happened upon two girls in the cosmetic section. I really wanted a picture of them from the front but no opportunity presented it's self. I went looking for shampoo and as I came back around the corner I got my chance to snap a few shots while they spray tanned in the aisle.
On the way to school yesterday the car in front of me had the license plate that explains my life.
What were you lucky enough to catch on your phone this week?


Ashley Eiban said...

That is a heck of a lot of pizza! Wow!

and oh my goodness. those girls! cracking me up! way to go getting a picture of that! I'm always to scarred to get caught ;)

Karen Valinda said...

my eyes are too old to read the plate Ddonn! I DZ 24/7? doze or dizzy or I am just too old???
I love the pictures of thing 2 and thing 3 I mean JR and George. I love George holding the door for you!

An Wanna said...

Spray tanning in the store is way klassy! I wish I had 43 pizzas in my car! Ok not really but 1 would be nice.

Consider The Lilies said...

oh my GOSH those outfits are outrageous. kudos for catching that!

Kris said...

Good to see the extra classy ladies hang out in your walmart too! I would have been to chicken to risk a shot

Kathy said...

The pictures of the awesome spray tanning is even better on your blog than it is over text message.

I think that license plate explains my life as well-if teenage students count.

Itself is one word. Just sayin'!

Mama Mia said...

holy cow! i can't believe those girls' outfits! and who steals spray tanner and applies it in the aisle of the store?? great pics.
your kids are super duper cute. :)

Jennifer said...

Aahh! Those spray tan thiefs outfits are crazy! I wonder how many other people in the store were sneaking around taking pictures of them too... haha

Kristi said...

So much pizza! Love GS cookie time, it's the best! 949826 boxes of Thin Mints? Yes, please! Your kiddos are cute amd the temple is beautiful. Love the chicks spray tanning... Nice dress. Haha

HunDuddle Hussy said...

oh my hoochie spray tan girls. that's awesome. did u talk to them? u shoul dhave interviewed them.

ok one time i was in charge of buying pizzas for what i thought was gonna be a HUGE shindig. i filled the back of my car like urs. then i got there and we only used like 4 boxes. i was so embarrassed. i didn't tell anyone i had bought so many and i just went on base and passed them out to all the young marines in the barracks. nice huh?