Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Sunday

Why so happy? Because I don't have to teach again until March! I'm the 4th Sunday Relief Society Teacher and I taught today. Nobody said I sucked, but it is church, usually they don't say those kinds of things to your face...well except for that one time...but I digress. Feb. 27th is Stake Conference so I won't teach then.

I taught on these two talks. I tried to take Kathy's advice and NOT just simply read the talks but I failed. I did do a little bit of talking in between sections and I made them laugh (at me) and I'll try it again in 2 months on these two talks. Not that the Holy Ghost isn't a great topic and I learned a lot reading those talks 25 times, but parenting children is kind of what I'm in the middle of right now. I also interact with parents that leave something to be desired (in my opinion), so talking about teaching children and staying on the path to eternal salvation comes a tad bit more naturally to me. Besides I have 2 whole months to read them, I can have them memorized by then! 

What do like or dislike about Relief Society lessons so I can make lessons easier on the 20 women that get to listen to me ramble once a month, or so. 

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An Wanna said...

Someone I was talking to recently complained that there aren't enough wiggle songs in RS. I had said in my sunbeams class we sang once there was a snowman like 5 times and she said we should get to do that in RS too!

Karen Valinda said...

great idea Ddonn! I get a blog post and you get the initiative credit! but it will have to wait until after I enter data for SAK, I spent 2:45 at his office this morning but the data entry I have permission to do from home ;-} Lets me keep up with the laundry, ya know xoxoxox

TheDivaMommy said...

Hey - I don't have to teach until March either because of Stake Conference.

I was happy with how my lesson went...I feel like I actually got my ladies to THINK! It was pretty cool.

I like when there's a lot of discussion but the teacher is in control of that discussion...keeps things MOVING along!