Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Time for Tuesday! It's cold outside edition

The weather on the way to school yesterday morning
~ Pictures from our trip to my mom's house ~
A picture I was going to send Jessica with a Happy New Year greeting but got distracted before I did... My Mom and Baby Brother lived near people with Peacocks so they have tons of feathers all over
 My Mom's house is cold and not just because she lives in Boise, and it was 20 and below when we were there. Her house is cold because she keeps it that way, always has in fact. When I was in high school my friends called my house the Bat Cave, no joke.
 Matey and his favorite bracelet, he was very upset every time we took it away.
 George playing Bejeweled, the headphones are so she can hear the "music"
 Apparently rapt attention while watching TV is a family trait
 Jr's hair cut
 This creepy thing Nan has in her car
Drox teaching George how to fly fish, something every girl needs to know before they are 6 & 1/2...
 The girls entertaining themselves with the ice on the bush while we waited for lunch
  Drox before he attempted the Big Judd's challenge, Matey also attempting a piece of a Big Judd Burger
I actually have more pictures to share but I'll save them for another week, they just don't fit the theme here ;)


Anonymous said...

I'm a new follower. Found you from "What's On Your Phone" :)

HunDuddle Hussy said...

ok i do NOT like that creepy thing in nan's car. wtc is that? it makes me feel nervous and uncomfortable all at the same time.

thanks for the feathers!

The WholeFamDamily said...

my daughter got her hair cut this last week too! and all my girls love playing on the computer.
i'm probably just a degree or two away from living in the batcave myself. haha

julielollar said...

So glad that the weather doesn't look like that here!
The new hair cut is cute!
I love peacock feathers.
The thing in Nan's car is really creepy!

Jennifer said...

We've got a bat cave today too. But only because our furnace decided to break. Ugh.
I'm not so much jealous of your weather today. I love snow, but not the slush. =)

Tami said...

its not creepy its awesome! (i got it for her)

Estell said...

lmao the monster in Nans car looks like a mogwai...I love it

Angela said...

Man, that thing in the car is freaky!!
Ang xxx

Karen Valinda said...

I kept the house at 65 day and NIGHT while you were here and I think it was even turned up to 67 once or twice when I wasn't paying attention.
The boys and I live with 60 for the overnight temp and I turn it down to 63 in the daytime if I am at work, running errands or baking, Proof of my deep love and devotion for you, ElCid and the squirrels! Ask poor little Beki, we just offered her extra blankets and sleeping bags.