Tuesday, January 4, 2011

36 Reasons Why I Have the Best Husband

ElCid is very much my old man, he's 36 today.
He is my other half. I know it's cheesy and trite but we became grown ups together. He loves me despite all of my bad habits, random behaviors, and odd family. He works a million hours at a boring job so that we can keep our house, eat on a daily basis and pay our bills. He plays with the girls even when he's tired and the games don't go quite the way the rules say they ought to. He takes care of us and the Elder's Quorum and doesn't complain about it, I complain way more than he ever does. He is building a CAR. I was (and still am every once in a while) very skeptical, but he's doing it and he's doing a great job. I'm looking forward to a trip to CPE in San Diego this summer in his sporty "new" car.  He gets me drinks of water in the middle of the night because I'm still afraid of what's in the dark. He always woke up when our babies woke up and usually before I did. He fed babies bottles and changed diapers. He takes me on trips to ball games when he knows I won't watch the game because Harry Potter #7 came out the day before and I will just read it the entire game but he knows I don't want to be left home either. He lets me pick silly chick flicks and watches them with me. He calls me to come see important things on his video games. 
This isn't 36 reasons. There are thousands of other reasons why I love my handsome man but they don't make much sense when I write them down. I am very grateful that I found him under that rock (his words, not mine) and pulled him out and put dibs on him before anyone else could. I know things could have turned out much different with out whirlwind romance and it's amazing that we are living happily ever after. 
Happy Birthday ElCid! I love you Forever and Always!


Karen Valinda said...

You truly do have an amazing husband and my best son-in-law!
[Even when he is NOT the only one] :-Þ
He is patient and understanding and loving and patient and supportive and accommodating and genuine and co-operative and patient with his mil and lots of fun to be around (Monopoly the card version)(Inception) even when camping out on the couch in a small house with all of his wife's siblings and her aging ;-} mother!
We love and appreciate him, especially his patience - what?!

Hillary said...

I also love his quirky sense of humor. I don't know who plays Quelf better - him or KymnBook? Hooray for ElCid! Happy Happy Happy Birthday! We love you.

An Wanna said...

Hey! Who you calling odd?