Monday, January 3, 2011

Let it SNOW!?!?!

At 7:30 the alarm went off, at 7:38 no one was out of bed and then the phone rang ( NO you are NOT allowed to call me at that time of day Mom) it was My Extra Kid's Mom calling to ask if it was snowing at my house too. I actually hadn't seen out a window yet and when I peeked and said yep there is snow, 4 little voices piped up Snow! Snow! Snow! Suddenly everyone was up and dressed and ready to go!

Jr was upset it was snowing 3 days "late" apparently snow should come in Dec. not Jan. (Fred went into a lecture about how winter doesn't really start until Dec. 21st so Jan was actually more appropriate timing for snow) Fred was incredibly put out that her thin hoodie tee wasn't going to cut it as a jacket. My Extra Kid found out snow in the eye is a little bit painful and George dirtied several pairs of shoes making snow prints!
 Mellow wasn't pleased with any of it and got in trouble for using the pile of dead leaves on the porch as a makeshift potty.

There was still school (it never stuck to the roads, but you can never be sure in Vegas) and oddly enough 3.67 miles slightly northwest of us there was less snow than at home.  It melted before 9:30 and it's been clear the rest of the day. Too bad there can't be snow every morning, I'd never have to pull them out of bed...

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Safire said...

Hey look! You've had about as much snow as we have had this year too!