Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Birthday ElCid - Picture Version

As tradition states the girl "frosted" ElCid's cheesecake with cherries and whip topping. They've been frosting his cake for about 8 years, you'd think there would be less licking and dipping of the knives and spoons, you'd be wrong.
He's so old he fell asleep in the computer chair! 
Or maybe it was because he was up and gone to work by 6:30. It's a toss up.
ElCid got socks, underwear and a 20 GB hard drive for his XBOX so HALO Reach would save properly.
Happy Birthday to you!
After we all had cake Fred, who is 10, decided to stick her hands on top of the cake to get some whip topping, then she mooshed it around, and licked it off. No really. 10.
As you can tell, he also shaved for the happy occasion. I was very sad. I still am. I really liked it. :(


Karen Valinda said...

but he looks so much younger with it gone!!!
At 36 that May have been a motivating factor...

An Wanna said...

That's what it is! I was looking at the pics going he looks different, what is it...

And creativity can happen at any age, even 10.

Linda said...

Is he really 36? Oh my goodness, I was thinking he was 35. Oh well, I'm just his mom! Happy birthday sweetie!